Program Overview

TFI’s design and approach reflect the principles of positive youth development, applying these principles to the particular challenges and barriers facing young men of color. During each TFI program year, a team of staff, mentors, and partners delivers a diverse array of out-of-school activities and supports (including academic enrichment and skill development, college guidance and preparation, and professional and leadership development) all explicitly aimed at helping fellows complete high school, persist in college, and succeed in their subsequent careers.


TFI’s asset-based approach emphasizes skill building, socioemotional health, and personal development in key areas that contribute to academic success including planning and goal setting, decision making, collaboration, communication, self-awareness, and accountability. This is achieved through ongoing coaching from the program managers and mentors, as well as structured peer learning and supportive experiences.

TFI Houston 2021-22 Timeline

January 1st: TFI Houston application opens

January-February: Program promotion via presentations to schools & CBOs, nominations, webinars.

March 5th: Application deadline. All supplemental materials must be submitted by this date as well.

March 15-19th: Applicant & caregiver interviews

March 26th: Program participants announced

April 3rd: Saturday Sessions begin

April 3rd-June 5th: Saturday Sessions occur

June 12-July 31: Summer FLOs occur

August: TFI Fellows reconvene for 2022 Programming

TFI Participant Benefits

TFI leaders and staff respect the level of investment that each Fellow must commit to.  In return, TFI Fellows will receive:

​--Four dedicated staff members--TFI Program Manager, Program Coordinator, Advisors--available to Fellows during and after programming

Individual Mentors from professional community

--Therapy and Counseling services

--College Advising and Application Support


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--College visits

--Wilderness expeditions

--International travel

--Career immersion

--Fun activities: beach days, waterparks, sporting events, performances, movie nights, etc.


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--Full business suit, professional attire and grooming supplies

--Laptop computer and accessories

--TFI-branded gear

--Breakfast and lunch during Saturday Sessions

--SAT Prep course

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This is not an exhaustive list! When additional resources, support, and opportunities are needed, TFI will provide them.

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