DiscoverU is a mission-driven organization that equalizes access to high-quality, out-of-school learning experiences for all youth.  Through experiential learning, DiscoverU assists youth in developing a vision for their future and gaining the social-emotional skills necessary to succeed in college, career, and in life.  In addition to supporting youth directly, DiscoverU builds robust support systems that involve families, schools, communities, and learning-opportunity partners.

"People are capable of so many things, if they just believe in themselves. I think we’re all guilty of selling ourselves short, especially students from low-income backgrounds who already feel like they’re counted out. I know I felt that way. DiscoverU provides more than just opportunities for students like me--they provide an endless supply of support, reassurance and encouragement and resources for students to succeed. This support helped me combat this self-doubt in high school and continues
to encourage me to do more, be more and achieve more."

JoAnn Sierra
KIPP Generations Collegiate '16
Notre Dame University '20

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