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FLOs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have three things in common: they are
EXTERNAL, EDUCATIONAL, VOLUNTARY programs that take place outside of the traditional classroom, are aligned to the student's unique interests, and have an explicit career, college, or leadership focus. 

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FLOs are planned, organized, and executed by providers outside of a high school’s faculty. Providers include non-profit organizations, companies, professional institutions, associations, or undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities.


While FLOs come in different configurations of program length, theme and physical location, all FLOs seek to expose, educate, and develop students’ knowledge, skills, and leadership ability to succeed in college and high quality careers.



FLOs involve a voluntary, formative and educational application process that requires students to voluntarily seek out the learning experience, mirroring the college application process.


British Foundation 2.jpeg

British American Foundation of Texas Junior Achievers Program

British American Foundation of Texas

Students gain a wide range of valuable experiences, including the ability to adapt to a new culture, a deeper appreciation for English history and culture, as well as college-success values and skills.


Andover Summer Admissions

Phillips Academy Andover

Andover Summer Session is a premier summer academic enrichment program. For five weeks, students with ambitious academic goals prepare for the rigors of the best colleges and the challenge of leading and serving in this complex world.

Youth Ambassadors 3.jpeg

Youth Ambassadors Program

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

The program provides scholarships for students and adult mentors to take part in exchange programs to countries in the Caribbean and South America.

Compass RN 2.jpg

CompassRN Nursing Camp


The summer nurse camp is a four-day camp for high school students who are interested in the field of nursing. Students are given the opportunity to learn more about the career by participating in a number of activities: Hands-on skills in a simulation lab, becoming certified in basic life support (BLS), interacting in career information sessions with nurses, and touring schools of nursing at the University of Houston (UH) and Prairie View University (PVU).

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