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DiscoverU The Next Fifteen

2023 was a special year for DiscoverU as we celebrated 15 years of equalizing access to high quality experiential learning for deserving students! Fifteen years of empowering students to step outside of their comfort zones to take healthy risks. Fifteen years of partnership with amazing organizations that provide truly Fantastic Learning Opportunities that expose students to college, careers, and the wider world. Fifteen years of incredible, life-changing experiences that set students on their personal paths of success. Cheers to the Next Fifteen.


DiscoverU Media Coverage

Houston Happens: Unlocking Your Future: Tips for a Successful Fantastic Learning Opportunity

CW 39 | January 29, 2024

Zadako J., a Sophomore at Furr High School, recounts her incredible study abroad journey with CIEE in London. She is accompanied by Sineria O., a DiscoverU Board Member, underscoring DiscoverU's commitment to providing equitable access to high-quality out-of-school leanring opportunties. 


Houston Happens: Getting ready to head back to school, DiscoverU out-of-learning school experiences!

CW 39 | August 7, 2023

Javier C., a sophomore at Energy Institute, had an impactful 2023 summer with DiscoverU. He engaged in three unique learning experiences that left a lasting impression on him. Javier shared how these experiences with DiscoverU enriched his knowledge and personal growth, emphasizing the importance of experiential learning and peer connections.

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