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*Note: The COVID-19 Pandemic resulted in an unprecedented cancellation of many Fantastic Learning Opportunities, while still others shifted to virtual formats.  We are thrilled to have connected almost 200 students to programs in 2020.  You can read more about DiscoverU's response to the COVID-19 Pandemic here.


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submitted by 651 students



earned by 377 students

220 Experiences

lived by 177 students

"I would say the most important thing I learned during this FLO is learning what it takes to be a leader. I also learned what it takes to struggle through hardships I wasn't accustomed to. Another important thing I learned is that some of the technology today isn't necessary in our lives. Yes, things like cell phones are amazing for communication but it's all about connecting with someone right next to you that matters. What better way to do that than to go into the Grand Canyon and travel through it with strangers who will eventually become your best friends."

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1,805 Applications

submitted by 1,283 students

1,305 Acceptances

earned by 1,026 students

814 Experiences

lived by 706 students

Cristian Plancarte

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