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Social Emotional Growth

DiscoverU’s theory of change proposes that student success in high school, college and as engaged citizens is not only a result of solid academic knowledge and skills, but also of a wide repertoire of strong social and emotional skills and academic behaviors. The underdevelopment or absence of these skills and behaviors often impedes students from realizing their full potential, both in the short and long term. On the other hand, we can impact students’ preparation for and ability to take the next step toward higher education by connecting them to experiences that inspire, encourage, and support their intellectual, personal, and social development during a critical phase of their formation as adults.

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FLO Experience

98% of FLOsters rated their FLO Experience as "EXCELLENT" or "VERY GOOD"


Academic & Social Development

98% of FLOsters experienced academic and/or social development as a result of their FLO.

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Future Success

86% of FLOsters consider their FLO experience to be a significant  positive impact on their future success.

"I was blessed with the experience of a lifetime to spend 5 great weeks in Andover, Massachusetts. It was first time I had ever gone to Massachusetts, first time I rode an airplane all by myself, and the first time I had ever been away from home for 5 weeks. It was a great adventure, but along that journey I learned a lot of things about me, how enormous and great this world is, and how almost everyone in the world may have something in common."

Darius Hines
Worthing High School '19
Carleton College '23
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