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Booker T. Washington High School and the High School for the Engineering Professions

DiscoverU Services Available

Access to the DiscoverU Student Portal

Your personal account provides online access to the full FLO Catalog and essential FLO planning tools.

DiscoverU Financial Services

Payment plans & fundraising tools to make financing your FLO a straightforward process.

Summer Support

Don’t miss the fun! DiscoverU staff stays in touch with you over the summer to make sure you are prepared for your FLO and to answer any questions you might have. We’re even on call in case you miss a flight or face another challenge.

Campus FLO Cohorts

Click here to learn more about FLOs exclusively available to students at your campus!

Engagement by DiscoverU Staff - Plus

Your FLO Advisor is on campus once a week for in-person advising.

Travel Services

DiscoverU coordinates with you, the FLO program, and travel providers to get you to and from your FLO with safety and ease.

DiscoverU Financial Aid

Scholarships from DiscoverU to reduce the cost of FLO participation.

Negotiated Seats/Scholarships

You’re first in line for scholarships from FLO programs that DiscoverU has negotiated!

Your FLO Advisor


This campus does not currently have a FLO Advisor.

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On Campus



CCR Room

Your FLO Champion

Brian Thompson

This campus does not currently have a FLO Champion.

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College Center

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How to register on Student Portal

Featured FLOs

What is a FLO?

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Available FLO Categories


Test FLO 2

Financial Aid

Aug 8, 2022


Test FLO


Aug 8, 2022


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