What is a Fantastic Learning Opportunity?

FLOs are:

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FLOs are planned, organized, and executed by providers outside of a high school’s faculty. Providers include non-profit organizations, companies, professional institutions, associations, or undergraduate and graduate colleges and universities. The external nature of the experience is an important criterion because a primary objective of DiscoverU is to push students to learn and develop in new settings, with new people and new challenges.  We want FLOs to position students to define themselves and their potential in contexts beyond their past academic or behavioral performance.



FLOs involve a voluntary, formative and educational application process and require students to voluntarily seek out the learning experience, and in doing so, successfully navigate through and complete some type of formal application, registration, and/or interview process to gain acceptance. Our value for this criterion has nothing to do with a desire for students to fill out paperwork, but has everything to do with our focus on providing students with experiences that teach them what to expect in the college-going process. By prioritizing this as one of the criteria of FLOs, we ensure that students are presented with the opportunity to grow and learn as a result of having to assess their own areas of strength and improvement, learn how to manage application processes, and practice their ability to take “healthy risks.”


FLOs promote and develop knowledge, skills, and/or values essential to college or career success. DiscoverU prioritizes and promotes only those learning experiences that have an explicit focus for preparing and exposing students to what’s beyond high school. While FLOs come in different configurations of program length, theme and physical location, what we look for in all FLOs is an interest from the FLO provider to expose, educate, and develop students’ knowledge, skills, and leadership ability to succeed in college and high quality careers. In this light, FLOs are different from school field trips, clubs, and extracurricular activities.

"Going to Saturday Morning Science at Baylor College of Medicine changed my perspective on what doctors do in their day to day job. It put me on the right career path towards becoming an orthopedic surgeon. The most important thing I have learned during this FLO is your dedication. If you believe in something then you should work towards your goal and do what you love. It could range from having your dream job to helping the needy."

Leonardo Flores

Sharpstown High School '19

Texas A&M University '23

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