DiscoverU's Fantastic Learning Opportunities (FLO) program is a campus-based mentorship program connecting students to experiential learning.    FLOs are external, voluntary, educational programs that take place outside of the traditional classroom, are aligned to the student's unique interests, and have an explicit career, college, or leadership focus.  FLOs are voluntary in nature, and have a formal application process.  Our model relies on personalized, one-on-one mentoring to coach students through application, enrollment, and participation in a FLO.  DiscoverU’s role is to remove barriers--whether systemic or resource-based--that prevent economically disadvantaged students from participating in these life-changing opportunities.  Through direct financial aid, negotiated scholarships, extended payment timelines & fundraising tools, we provide support and guidance to students and families as they access and complete these programs. Following their experience, we help students internalize their experiences as a catalyst for future growth.  In the COVID age, we have adapted our model to include remote personal advising through video chat and partnership with FLO programs who have transformed their offerings for virtual program delivery.  


TFI’s mission is to help young men acquire the skills, knowledge, experience, networks, and other resources they need to succeed academically and professionally.  TFI provides comprehensive and hands-on academic, social and emotional support to young men of color in high school. TFI’s core programming extends over three years.  Over the three years, TFI fellows meet on three Saturdays each month for full-day learning sessions. During the summers they participate in extended retreats or expeditions that focus on a different theme each year. Program components include academic training and project-based learning during the school year and summer, one-on-one mentoring with JPMorgan Chase Mentors, mental health support, college readiness and planning support, professional and leadership development, and career awareness activities.  Fellows graduate from the program better prepared for personal and professional success.