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Greetings FLO Alumni, 

Whether you are near or far… college-bound, college-present, or college-graduated, we hope all of you are healthy and safe during this unprecedented time. And, while the Covid 19 pandemic has influenced our global society on a large-scale, we know you are diving head first into this new ‘reality’ and doing what it will take to meet your needs, reach your goals, and fulfill your dreams. After all, life is different, but it’s still full of possibility. 

This is exactly why, at DiscoverU, we’re excited to announce a new partnership we’ve launched with CareerSpring, a non-profit (501c3) organization that helps first generation college students realize their greatest career potential through career information, a Network of professional contacts, and job placement services. Sound amazing? It is. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of it all. 

Services You Can Access from Anywhere at Anytime

CareerSpring’s on-line Career Platform is a digital hub that includes a Career Video Library, Career Advisor Forum, and Jobs Board exclusive for CareerSpring Advisees. In just one place, you can access information about career opportunities, connect with real-world professionals for advice, or receive job placement services. 


Not just Resources, but a Network that Has Your Back

The resources on CareerSpring’s Platform are made possible by a Network of individuals and organizations who believe that first generation college students have the preparation and intellectual capacity, a set of life experiences, and grit necessary to add significant value to our workforce. When you join the Career Platform you have the chance to engage with this Network – real people and real employers who want to help you launch a meaningful career. 


How To Get Started

The Career Platform is accessible to DiscoverU alumni (yes: that means YOU) thanks to our partnership with CareerSpring. All you must do is register to become an Advisee on the Platform. Registration takes 10 – 15 minutes and gives you the opportunity to share information about you, your academic studies, and your professional goals/interests. 


When To Get Started

TODAY. Click here and take 90 seconds to sign up for your personalized registration invitation from CareerSpring. Once you receive your personalized registration link, you can activate your Advisee profile and start using the Career Platform right away. Not looking for a job yet? It’s okay. Be sure to check out the Career Video Library for information about different careers and the Career Advisors Forum for the chance to gain advice from real-world, working professionals from the  industries and roles you’re interested in pursuing. Your CareerSpring account is a resource you can use for years to come.


We are so excited about the impact CareerSpring will have on the career goals of alumni like you. As always, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about this whole new level of career access you’ve been granted. Our goal is to support your continued success. With CareerSpring’s help, we’re getting closer to that goal.