Annual FLO Alumni Summit

Typically held the last Friday of September, the annual FLO Alumni Summit is a skill development conference for DiscoverU student participants designed to empower them to leverage their recent experiential learning opportunities into future success. This event is the culmination of year-long student efforts and a celebration of their accomplishments.

As a volunteer for the networking lunch, you will be asked to tell our students about yourself, your career, and how you got to the place you are now. Lunch will take place at a table of 7-8 students and 1-2 professionals, all interested in the same career field. This lunch allows an intimate setting for our students to ask questions and learn about the field without feeling intimidated.


“First, I want to tell you how fun the summit was!  Secondly, I want to thank you for hosting me and my schoolmates.  I particularly enjoyed the breakout session where I spoke to a financial coach on financial literacy--the session was unconventional and fun.  I also enjoyed talking to the lawyers that shared their experiences and advice with me.  our conversation has made me more confident in my career choice."

Leyda Reyes

Sharpstown High School '19